Structure and responsibilities

Our culture includes values and principles that determine how CDM Nepal works and behaves. The following values describe the behavior expected to be possessed by all members, staffs, volunteers and advisors who represent and work for CDM Nepal.

CDM is committed to work with others to maximize the impact of the programme. In addition, CDM is also committed to pilot innovations and new ideas to develop tested people-led development models. Executive members and staff are guided by financial discipline, courtesy, mutual respect, enthusiasm to share knowledge among each other and with its stakeholders.

CDM Nepalis accountable to community, donors and stakeholders. CDM is committed
to promote accountability and transparency while executing its strategies and
activities. Programme and financial information is shared to beneficiaries and its all
stakeholders regarding policy decisions, strategies, working procedures, activities,
programme, finance, income and expenditure. CDM believe that transparency leads to
credibility towards the organization and thus aiming for sustainability achievements.
This is backed by CDM’s accountability and zero tolerance policy.

CDM is committed to the promotion and protection of people’s rights and develop their capacity to facilitate right-based initiatives. We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners and staff.CDM always stand in solidarity with poor and marginalized people, and support their efforts to take control of their own lives and fulfill their rights, responsibilities and aspirations.

CDM always act with its mission, being honest in application of our policy. We relentlessly challenge ourselves to achieve the highest levels of programme impact and generate learning for sharing and informed policy making.

CDM promotes gender responsive environment its organizational set up and programme activities.CDM fights against discrimination to mankind based on ethnicity, gender, religion, and social class and hence stands by social justice, equity and equality.